Man Taking Photos


Tin Can Productions now offers event/corporate photography to capture all the moments from your conference and/or meeting. We also supply full service food photography, head shots, and product images. Check out our portfolio below.


Two men in business suits talking
Man holding an ipad and talking
Two men posing for a picture, one accepting an award
Three men sitting at a banquet table talking at a meeting
CA man performing an ultrasound with two women watching
Five people standing in a semi circle looking at a video screen on a table
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Mini yellow bell pepper, in a sauce, with more peppers in the background
Two cocktails on a table
A spoon with a small bit sitting on a table
Bruschetta of beans, mint and cheese sitting on a cutting board
Stack of pancakes with syrup being poured on them
A plate with spaghetti and tomato sauce
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Street, at night, in downtown phoenix
Blue bird in a tree
Back of the prometheus statue, at Rockefeller center in New York City, square with ice skaters in the background
Squirrel, eating a nut, in a tree
Looking up at a black and white circular awning with a white cloud and blue sky in the background
Gold hello sculpture sitting on a metal tray
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