Video Editing

Video Production

At Tin Can Productions, video is our main focus and we are proud to have been supplying our clients with a high quality product, at affordable prices, for over 25 years. Tin Can Productions is a full service video production company providing everything from scripting, producing, filming and/or editing. We can help you create videos to promote your new product or event, to educate your employees and/or customers, and for branding purposes, such as logo animations. Check out our portfolio below.


Marriott promotion
American institute of ultrasound in medicine musculoskeletal promotional video
American Refrigeration Supplies essence video
Introduction to the Living Pain Free Method
Sunrise of philadelphia 20th anniversary video
american institute of ultrasound in medicine ultrasound first video


How to do contrast ultrasound video
Good for heart good for brain video
Exercise plan for sonographers sample video
Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) video
Neonatal ultrasound parameters
MITS overview dos & don’ts


Sunrise of Philadelphia logo animation
Ultrasound first logo animation
Chromebook Setup animation
Food Hunter intro animation
American Refrigeration Supplies essence video animation
Lower Third animation samples


Animated music video show me your heart
How to cook zucchini tomato pasta
Short film summer break
How to cook a peppers and onion pizza in a pizza oven
How to set a table
How to cook a greek frittata